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Sustainable living isn’t just about building homes and improving lives, it’s also about investing in the future and making sure the citizens of tomorrow are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the future. That includes teaching them financial literacy and helping them understand how to create wealth for their future. Education is the great equalizer of society, the best means for upward social mobility. With education, even the poorest of the poor can climb the social ladder and be the richest of men.

Riezel takes this principle to heart, that’s why she has made every effort to reach out to the less fortunate and help them build their lives by giving them a better education. She has a soft spot for children, especially those hailing from the country of her birth.

Who has benefited?

Since 2002, Riezel has sponsored the education of dozens of children from the Philippines, Cambodia, and Gambia. RK Realty Group also supports Hope for Cambodian Children, a non-government, non-profit organization in Australia that focuses on helping children whose lives has been affected by the HIV pandemic in Cambodia.

Together with Christian Children Fund, Riezel has reached out to Kaddy of Gambia and Aldin of the Philippines. Kaddy has been Riezel’s sponsor since 2002 while Aldin has been enjoying Riezel’s support since 2004.

With HFCC, Riezel has managed to touch the lives of Khorn, 19 years old, and Chum, 12 years old. Both have lost their mothers to HIV and have since been under the care of HFCC. Both have been sponsored for education by Riezel. Khorn, just finish her course in cooking and now an apprentice in a restaurant at Siem Reap. While Chum, is still studying in High School.

Riezel has also sponsored the education of ten high school students in Pitogo High School, Makati City, Philippines.

She also regularly donates to different charity organisations and her local church. She is also supporting – Operation Restore Hope, an Australian Charity providing surgical care for the less fortunate children of the Philippines with cleft lip and palate deformities.

In the future

Included in Riezel’s vision for the future is creating an educational foundation that will help teenagers and young adults gain financial literacy by teaching them property investment and wealth creation. Specifically centered in the principles she strongly believes in, this foundation will help create entrepreneurs and investors out of the kids that will join the program. The foundation will not only focus on financial literacy but will also give beneficiaries pointers in personal growth and development.

RK Foundation

This foundation will be a non-government, non-profit organization that will be based in Australia but will eventually be brought to other countries. Its main purpose would be to educate teenagers in wealth creation and property investment. Together with the help of the local community and local schools, RK Foundation will help provide financial literacy education for children and teenagers. The foundation will raise funds, promote awareness, and engage in social building activities that supports the core of RK Realty Group’s principles – invest wealth to create wealth. RK foundation will also give scholarship grants to deserving students who are interested in pursuing an education in real estate and property investment.

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