Choosing Between Gas & Electricity

How do you decide between gas and electricity when it comes to your electricity source? Perhaps you’re renovating, buying or building but regardless of the reason it is important to understand the differences.

The largest difference arises between home cooking trends. Due to modern innovations home appliances began to trend towards using electric yet that may be a matter of convenience considering many chefs and home cooks choose gas because it has faster response time.

Quick response time is on the plus side for gas-but gas has limitations considering it is typically used for cooking, heating, and hot water whereas electricity can be used to run any household appliance.

Some considerations when deciding may be availability and sustainability. If you live in a capital city it is likely that both would be available, yet if you live in a more rural area you may only have access to bottled gas therefore electricity may be the more logical decision.

Furthermore, the green solution is debatable. The largest concern is how the gas or electricity was obtained. Was the gas extracted or transported? Was the electricity produced in a power station i.e. gas, coal or hydro-powered? Yet electricity is beginning to experience a more green future with the expansion of solar and wind energy.

Costs are also a consideration and for this you must consider upfront costs and maintenance costs for the lifetime of the system. Typically gas must be installed-and wired which can be costly. Furthermore, albeit gas tends to be the cheaper version for now-technological advances may make electricity the viable option.

Choosing between gas and electricity must take into account many different considerations but the biggest one is your lifestyle and what you utilise energy for the most-while also considering your location and the availability of gas versus electricity.


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