The holidays are a promise for family, food and of course decorations. To keep your home feeling cosy and spirited, follow these guidelines to get in the Christmas Spirit. One thing that is overlooked in the holiday decoration process is having a consistent theme. Usually houses end up with the conglomeration of hand-me-down decorations that lack consistency. The key is to establish a tone for colour combinations, mantel décor, and table-scape even the gift-wrapping. This will create a consistent feel around the holidays. With this idea of a theme comes the tip that you do not have to limit yourself to red and green. It is advisable to sync the colours of your interior design to the decorations to keep things simple.

Although guests and family members typically congregate in the living room and kitchen it is good to not only focus decorations in these areas. Having touches of the holidays throughout the house, including the toilet will keep everyone in the festive mood. This also leads to the idea of keeping decorations personalised. It may be easy to go take decorations directly from the shelf straight to your walls but adding personal touches can make them abide to your style.

Lastly, when shopping for new decorations and ornaments avoid the trends and rather go for the timeless pieces that are more traditional. Although these may be a bit pricier, they will be more durable and can be carried on throughout the family.