Finding an Apartment Sitter

You may go away for business often, venturing somewhere for the holidays, visiting your parents, or just getting away for a couple of days. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, it is usually crucial to figure out who is going to look after the house, plants or pets while you’re away. Below are some key points to consider when looking for someone to keep an eye on your house.

1. Trustworthy: Choosing someone that you know fairly well such as a friend, colleague or even a family member is best. Although there are services to hire people to look after your house it is sometimes best to choose people that you already know.

2. Responsible: Be sure to choose someone that will uphold the responsibility of looking after your home, animals and plants. It may also be crucial to choose someone that has the time to be responsible for these things on a timely basis. Ask people for references and if they have house sat in the past.

3. Clarity: Make sure that you are very clear what needs to be done each day. Making a printed out list is the best way to ensure that the person will be responsible for what is asked of them.

4. Smart-Phone Applications: There are now applications that require the apartment and house sitter to check-in at your house. This will then update to your phone each time they came to your home. This may provide you with peace of mind especially if you have more pressing matters in your apartment such as a dog to walk and feed, or plants that need to be watered.

When it comes to filling the space when you are gone, you may also consider Airbnb which is a service that rents out your apartment to people travelling. With reliable checks, and insurance this company may be a good way to keep your home looked after while putting extra cash in your pocket.