How to Light Your Rooms!

Lighting is a crucial element of any room, it can highlight certain rooms, make you feel safe, and set the mood for the designated spot. Lighting will set the tone of your furniture and people, if you get it wrong it can have the opposite effect. There are several options for lighting:

1. Ambient or general lighting which is typically ceiling, wall or recessed lights.

2. Task Lighting: Needed for specific jobs such as cooking, reading, makeup or homework.

3. Accent lighting: Used to create and highlight depth in the rooms. Typically used for artwork, books, or architectural features.

It is important to use all 3 but in their specific spaces. Experts acknowledge that the best way to achieve your lighting goals is to create a map throughout your home. Pointing out the features you want to highlight, some points in your home that you would rather be more dim, and certain artwork that you want lit.

When mapping out how to build your lighting in your rooms, it is important to consider the natural light that will also infiltrate these spaces. Factor that in when planning, so that you have extra light in rooms that aren’t near the sun. Reduce harsh lights with blinds and darker fabrics and textures.


Some lighting tricks include:

• Use up-lights or washes to make small rooms feel bigger.

• Have lights facing mirrors so this reflects and provides even more lighting.

• Vertical lights can make rooms feel taller.

• Table lames will reduce the light going towards the ceiling and will make spaces feel cozier.

The lighting of a room can transform the space to be more inviting and reflective of your style. Use it wisely!