How to Prepare your Home for Winter

The winter months are creeping up, and by following these tips you can get your home and spirits ready for the cooler months ahead:

1. Convert to Gas: Although you typically associate long winters with warm fires, it is actually more efficient to utilise natural gas or propane heating. The fireplaces can typically pull heat out of the house and send it up the chimney.

2. Rearrange the furniture and choose more winter accessories for your spaces. This can include wool blankets, candles, or warmer colours.

3. 10% of the air that leaks out of houses exit through the windows. By using weatherstripping between the sash and window frame you can eliminate air leakage.

4.  Invest in outlet gaskets, even though only 2% of air can leak out of them, that can add up. This can also be a safe solution if you have children.

5. Put the ceiling fan in reverse. By doing this the warm air that typically rises will be pushed back down by the angled blades.