Keeping your House Cool Without Turning on the A/C

The summer can be hot, and most think that these means expensive with the rising costs of an Air Conditioning system all summer. That’s not the case if you follow these steps to keep cool.

  • Close the curtains: Ensure that the drapes are lined with a light color so as to not absorb heat. If these are closed during the hottest parts of the day this will greatly reduce the amount of hot air that enters your home.
  • Open the windows-especially when the outside temperature is lower than the inside (more than likely at night). This will cool the house back down, and items that absorb heat as the temps rise will cool down for the day ahead.
  • Turn on fans around the house: portable, ceiling and whole house fans will get air flowing and keep the heat low.
  • Power down appliances: make sure to turn off appliances when you’re not using them such as the computer and television. This could be made easier by connecting them all to the same power strip. One important thing to remember is to not use ovens, washers and dryers during the hottest part of the day.