Moving into Your New Apartment Made Easy

Moving into your new apartment is always met with excitement and anticipation. There’s the new house to decorate, furniture to rearrange, and new neighbours to meet. But without careful planning, moving into your new apartment can be a stressful, and sometimes frustrating, ordeal. Don’t worry! We’ve made five tips to make that move easy and stress-free:

1. Donate those old junk. It’s part of the moving process–letting go of clothes you no longer wear and things you longer use. You can donate those things to the poor, the charity, or to your old neighbours. It’s a win-win situation. You get rid of your excess baggage while making others happy. In some cases, you can have a receipt for your donation, which you can use to lower your taxable income on your next tax return.

2. Organize your stuff. Recycled carton boxes, packing tapes, markers, and old newspapers, these are the essentials in packing your stuff. Instead of buying new boxes and bubble wraps, you can purchase used boxes at supermarkets and use old newspapers to wrap fragile materials. Box similar items together and label each box appropriately so you know which box goes to which part of your new apartment. This will ease up the problem of opening all the boxes all at once just to find the items that you need.

3. Prepare your cleaning and fixture materials. Before you unpack your things to your new apartment, you’d want to make sure the place is clean, and so are your old furniture. Make sure you have your mops, rags, brushes, and detergent soap ready in a separate box to make the cleaning process easier. After that, you can also bring some drills, hammers, hooks, and nails if you want to add some fixtures at your place, like that towel holder in your kitchen, or those hooks for keys, hats, and belts beside the door.

4. Rent a truck. Now that you have your things prepared, you’d want to rent a van or truck at least a week before the date of your move. Sure it’s easy to get a truck a day before the date, but you might not be able to choose the time you want. Call your friends, relatives, and family members over, or ask the service of movers to carry your things for you. The more helping hands you have the faster and easier you’d make your move. It’s also best to pick a night schedule for your move, at maybe 10 p.m., to avoid the heat and traffic. Lastly, do not forget to feed your helpers! Grab some food delivery and cold drinks after that heavy toil. It’s your reward for a work well done.

5. Transfer your services. Now that you have your new home, you have a new address too, of course! That means you have to transfer all your services (electricity, phone, internet, water services, etc) and mail to your new address. You should contact your providers of the date of your move at least a month in advance. You can transfer your services if you’re moving to a house or apartment in the same town or city; or you can terminate your accounts completely and set up new ones if you’re moving from a different state or country. It’s always best to contact your service providers ahead of time to avoid disruption of service.

There you go! The five tips to ease your move. We hope you have a fun and stress-free relocation to your new apartment! If you’re looking for an apartment for sale or lease at convenient locations in New South Wales just give us a call at 0411 078 390 or visit our website