NSW Apartments: Why should you invest in one?

Owning a house has always been the great Australian dream. While it’s marvelous to entertain the thought of having your own house with your own lot, roof, lawn, and garage, having your own apartment might be an excellent alternative to living a lifestyle of convenience in the long run.

Why live in an apartment?

Location as a Feature

Most houses are built on the outskirts of the city and are a long drive away from work or school. You spend on petrol and time of travelling to work, which, in years, build up to more expense & running cost. Given the choice between a house and lawn, or an apartment with a view, most people today prefer the latter for convenience. Popular high rise apartments nowadays are strategically located at the centre of the city where you have easy access to public transport and public facilities. Mostapartments in New South Wales, for instance, are built in such a way that they are close to the hospital, shopping centres, schools, sporting facilities, and parks. In some cases, you don’t need to use your car any more. You can just walk to work, the nearest supermarket, or coffee shop. With this, you do not just save on petrol and lessen your carbon footprint, you give yourself an exercise too!

A Sense of Community

Unlike living in a house and being separated from your neighbours, living in a building with other apartment dwellers grants you more room to interact with them and have a sense of community. It would be inevitable to see these same people everyday. You would bump into them while checking your mailbox, while washing your clothes in the laundry room, or while whistling at yourself in the hallway or elevator. You can always stay inside your apartment if you do not wish to have much human interaction, but this would be a chance for you and your family to open up to meet new friends and broaden your social network.

Less is More

If you have a big house of your own, you would take a lot of time and effort cleaning it, maintaining it, and redecorating or renovating it. Sometimes you would even have to pay someone else to do these things for you. While space is a major factor why home owners prefer buying a house than an apartment, it would take you a tremendous amount of time and money to maintain in the long run. Living in an apartment, however, gives you more freedom from doing these things. Other than having less space to take care of, you also do not need to buy a lot of things to fill in those spaces. Life becomes simpler, and you can instead allocate all those time, effort, and money for family trips out of town, for example.

Sharing Amenities

It would be a luxury to have your own swimming pool, tennis court, or your own set of exercise equipment sitting inside your house and eating space. Living in an apartment building makes these amenities more affordable to have. By integrating the sense of sharing in your life, you get to save space, money, and effort in maintaining such amenities, should you have your very own.

Quick Service

Apartments have their own set of utility personnel: the building manager, property manager, plumber, electrician, gardener, etc. It’s just a phone call away to fix a clogged toilet, a broken window, or a leaky roof. Most of these things are built-in to manage your apartment such that a problem is fixed within the next three hours or so. Getting the same problems fixed in a house would cost you more time and money as you would have to find and organise the trades people on your own. Over time, the cost of maintaining a house is far more expensive and stressful to keep up with than in maintaining an apartment.

It’s a ‘Green’ Choice

As population increase on the planet and property demand rise, the cost of real estate rise as well. It is cheaper to live in an apartment than a house for the obvious reason that you don’t have to maintain the garden or its surrounding by yourself. New project developments are designed to utilise the Ecological Sustainable Design (EDS) principles that the Australian Housing Industry have established. So that property developers will create buildings to a high standards of energy efficient structures, like using building materials with double glazed doors & windows and full concrete walls & floors which create acoustic benefits and act as thermal insulation. They also install energy efficient appliances plus the bathroom & kitchen fittings and fixtures have been selected to comply with standards and conserve water. Common area foyers use efficient compact fluorescent lights that can save up to 80% of running costs. Highly efficient central gas hot water plants with insulated hot water lines have been installed to help maintain a consistent delivery temperature. To further enhance water conservation every project has been piped ready for connection to the Water Reclamation and Management Scheme to use for the entire maintenance of the grounds and garden areas. With all of these ecological & sustainable living in mind by the developers living in an apartment will be a breeze of fresh air and no doubt its good idea to invest in an apartment.

A Choice for Retirement

After you and your partner have grown old and your kids have moved out to have a family of their own, it would be overwhelming to live a house with a lot of room, space, furniture, and of course, that gnawing silence and isolation. Retiring in an apartment could be a disguised blessing for you. You have just enough space for you and your partner, and you wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining an entire house. In an apartment building, you also get to meet people like yourself, retired, with grown-up sons and daughters away from home, and with a lot of time to form new bonds and discover new friends to play chess, enjoy a quite walk in the park, or join a club or groups of your own interests.

Investing in apartment building has been a growing trend these days. Sure, it still is the great Australian dream to own a house, but times change and priorities change as well. In today’s day and age, living in an apartment no doubt is more convenient, economic, and eco-friendly. You get to worry less too. While it may not be the choice of many, it is the choice of those who prefer to adapt to a simpler life in a growing, urbanized world.