The National Broadband Network and your Household

The National Broadband Network is an upgraded telecommunications network being rolled out across Australia which will be connecting all Australians much faster. The world class Internet Service upgrades the existing telecommunications network. Up until now all broadband networks utilised copper cables which were built before people even knew what the internet was. Australian internet downloads grey by more than 50% in the last year while global data traffic is expected to grow fourfould from 2011-2016. These numbers are incredible, and demonstrate the need for Australians to upgrade their telecommunications.  It will be the first time that NBN will deliver separation between wholesale and retail service providers such as internet and phone.

NBN Co are the wholesale providers of the network which was created in 2009. The benefits will include:

  • Lightening fast speeds
  • More people online at once
  • Ability to work from Home

The three technologies that will connect the different networks include:

  • Optic Fibre,
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Satelite

The type of connection that residents receive will depend on location and will either be the Fibre to the Premises, or the fixed wireless and satellite.

It is crucial for Australian residents to begin the switch to NBN because as it is rolled out in different neighborhoods, the copper network will be disconnected 18 months after.

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