Purchasing a piece of art also comes with having to decide where to hang out, how high and how to ensure that it does not fall. Follow these tips for success in hanging your art and making your rooms more inviting:

1. Use Picture Hanging Hooks: Opposed to putting holes in your walls with screws and nails, utilising picture hanging hooks uses physics to your benefit to create a stable holder for your art. There are three types of these hooks to choose from based on the weight of your art. Asking someone at the hardware store will ensure that you purchase the correct hooks

2. Recruit a Helper: Have them hold the art in different areas of the room, so you can gain perspective which is the best spot.

3. Choosing a Height: When hanging a single piece on a wall, the center of the picture should be about 60 inches off the ground, which places it at eye level.

4. Be Creative: Do not be confined to thinking of hanging art in a gridline. By placing art in more sporadic assortments on the wall, this will create more character in the separate rooms.

5. Switch it up (Often!): By changing pictures around often in your household it keeps things fresh and makes friends and family take note of the different pictures in rooms.