Utilise your Space in 2014

Whether you have a large or small apartment or home it is important to utilise space which means minimising clutter and using smart furniture to maximise the space that you have.

  • Scale your furniture to be sure that it abides by how much space you have
  • Throw away clothes and things you don’t use often
  • Buy furniture with hidden storage this provide dual purpose furniture while uncluttering your home.
  • Go vertical and use space up to the ceiling when possible, including shelves and storage that are taller and skinner rather than large and close to the ground.
  • Use mirrors to make your space seem larger.
  • Don’t be afraid of colour when decorating, this can make white walls seem more exciting.
  • Spend money where you spend the most time in your house which will make it feel more like home.
  • Make a list and floor plan before you go shopping so you don’t spend money on point.

Redecorating and organising your space can be an intimidating task and at times tedious the key is to factor in your own personal touch, budget, and to take your time with the different tasks.