Create a sense of community in your complex.

We are all a part of many different communities – our workplace, our children’s schools, our church – however most of us value a sense of cohesiveness among those who live in our closest proximity.

For those of us who live in apartments, this sense of community can be difficult to tap into, despite the closeness of the living environment. With society moving at a faster and more detached pace, busy schedules make it harder to build a home based community from scratch.

And yet it is so important not to become isolated within our own homes. Think about these tips and we hope you will soon be supporting and interacting positively with your neighbours.

1. Feel at home in your own space: take time to decorate and make the most of your own environment. You’ll then feel more confident in your own surroundings, ready to meet new neighbours in a positive frame of mind.

2. Become the friendliest resident in your building! Smile, say hello, why not bye the one to take the time to make the first move. In particular, make an extra effort to talk with someone who you may believe has a different background or perspective than your own. You may be surprised how much you have in common.

3. Make the most of shared areas and facilities: While apartment gymnasiums and pools are often not over-subscribed, you are bound to make contact with others who are more than likely also interested in getting to know others who live in the building.

4. Become involved in local activities or organizations: While not directly associated with your building, there are many places you are more likely to meet those who live nearby in a natural way. Volunteer at the library, take an interest in the local school or join the local club. Soon enough you’ll find yourself bumping into the same people or walking home together in the most natural of ways.


5. Host an activity of your own: Use a common apartment space or local cafe to get the community feeling happening. Choose something that you are interested or expert in, and see who else comes along to learn. Even arrange a walking group or exercise class – all-comers welcome no matter their fitness!