Keep your Home Cool this Summer

The summer months are amongst us and sometimes our initial inclination is to turn up the air conditioning as fast as possible. Yet the voice in our head reminds us of the environment and the price of pumping that cold air. Follow these easy tips to keep your home as cool as possible during the day so that air conditioning is most effective, if you need to use it at all:

1. Use light coloured paint and wallpaper for rooms that experience direct sunlight as this could heat up a room quickly if the walls are retaining and letting out this hot air.

2. Shade windows from direct sunlight. During those mornings where the sunlight seeps directly into your bathroom and guest bedroom, make sure those blinds are closed to ensure the heat is absorbed by the shades and not the house.

3. Manage air ventilation. While you’re out of the house, open your windows to keep the air flowing and the cool breezes coming through. When you return home you’ll have fresh and cool air circulating.

4. Seal gaps to keep heat out when you are running that air conditioning.

5. Turn off as many appliances as possible when you’re leaving the house. This includes unplugging things and ensuring they are not running. This will ensure the products are not giving off energy to heat up your home.

6. Stick to cold dishes for your meals as this will limit usage of the oven and microwave which can also heat up your home.

7. Thank your fans! By having these great devices in your rooms, you can circulate the air and make you feel cold for less cash.

Follow these tips to keep your house cool but also remember to work on your tan this summer!