Keep your Home Safe Over the Holidays

The holidays are a happy time with friends and family with plenty of time to relax and eat. Keep your home safe over this special time with these helpful tips:

  • Turn off decorative lights when you leave the house or going to bed to avoid overheating.
  • Inspect old holiday light strings before re-hanging them up and discard any frayed cords, or loose connections.
  • Consider purchasing a fresh cut tree as these are the most resistant to ignition.
  • Test smoke alarms to ensure they work especially near sleeping areas. With all the cooking and commotion, you want to keep all rooms are safe.
  • Ensure that decorations such as lights, extension cords, spotlights etc, comply with accredited certification organization. Cheap decorations can be less safe and cause fires.
  • Keep decorations away from candles and fireplaces.


Enjoy the holidays while keeping your family and friends safe!