Keeping Warm during the Winter Months

There are ways to stay warm this winter while also saving money. Aside from throw rugs, electric blankets and slippers there are other crucial components to consider when keeping warm for the winter and avoiding a large heating bill.

  • Orient living spaces North to catch sunlight
  • Insulate ceilings, floors and walls to reduce bills by 30%
  • Seal gaps on doors and windows
  • Bar radiators for one or two people looking to stay warm
  • Wood-burning heaters which direct 75% of heat into the room
  • Ethanol heaters for the design conscious property owner
  • Reverse-cycle air-conditioning or gas heating for large areas

There are also habits that can be implemented into daily life that will keep you warm and save your dollars.

  • Wearing extra layers of clothing
  • Drawing the curtains at night and closing doors of unused rooms
  • Turn ceiling fans on low to push hot air to lower levels.
  • Put on socks, slippers and jumpers before putting on the heater.
  • Keep the thermostat as low as possible as every degree adds 10% to a heating bill

These easy tips will allow a homeowner to enjoy the winter time in their warm, cozy homes while not having to worry about a large heating bill at the end of the winter months.