There are many elements to an organised house but there is one overall feeling when everything is in order and as it should be, which is a freedom. These tips can help you de-clutter some of the busier spots in your home such as the kitchen and bedroom to make your life feel more organised for not only the summer months, but during the whole year.

  • Define a mail centre in your home: Some people keep it on the counter, others in the foyer but something that is important is to define a mail centre and define an organisation scheme for this area. Having two trays for mail will help you sort those that have been taken care of, and the letters that still need to be opened and attended to. Such things that need attending to include letters from schools, notices, invitations etc. This will de-clutter your life and make it easy when you’re in a rush coming in the door to easily sort new mail.
  • Designate a specific area for winter clothes and equipment: When the warm summer months arrive, the last thing you want to think about is what to do with scarves and coats, however you will be grateful when you can transition between seasons with ease. Take the time to sort out easy containers and garment racks opposed to tossing everything into storage.
  • Refuse to hoard: it is crucial to go through all of your stuff between the winter and summer months and rid everything that is on the surface. Whether this means storing them in bins or tossing the unnecessary clutter, you must take initiative to ensure that the excess is dealt with.
  • Create ambience in a room with fresh flowers, brighter colours and open curtains to allow light to come through. These small details will liven up a room and make it feel more summer-esque.