Sustainable Living Tips for your Home

The latest buzz word is sustainability and going green, but what does this actually mean for yourself, your home and where you live? Going green begins with technology, education, the future of sustainable design, and taking initiative to execute these endeavours.

According to Lara McPherson, “Sustainability means living a good life within our means, in a way that doesn’t  prevent future generations from being able to enjoy a similarly pleasant life-this means thinking about how what we do now impacts on the long term availability of the natural resources that sustain our way of life. It means thinking about global equity and ensuring those in other areas of the world are entitled to live a good life.

How can we become more sustainable at home:

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle-this should be considered standard behaviour in every household
  • Minimise dependence on fossil fuels by reducing energy in the home and transportation
  • Be mindful of impact from household products-furniture, cleaning products.
  • Buy second hand, borrow or share non-essential items. Consider “access, rather than ownership”.
  • Consider food purchases of local, organic and direct from farmer products. Also try to reduce meat consumption.

Most of the time making sustainable lifestyle choices is less expensive as well as sustainable. Taking these small steps will lower your bills and will also reap personal, social and community benefits.


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