Blinds and shades determine the lighting of your room and the overall atmosphere of the space. You will need to consider how certain colours, textures and shapes will compliment your room. Firstly you must think about what your utility will be, whether this is lighting, ease of use, for kids, or decorating purposes.

  • Analyse the Room: If the space gets immense amounts of direct sunlight you will want to purchase shades with glare and UV reducing qualities like shades or sheers. This will protect furnishings and keep rooms from overheating. For sliding or French doors, you may consider verticals. Privacy is also something of concern, if you are facing another building or are located in a city you will want wood or aluminium blinds to ensure that people can’t see through.
  • Choose Blinds that Compliment Style: Consider shades that blend with not only the room but integrate into the overall style of the house. When choosing your window décor you want to realise that this will also affect the outward appearance as well as inside, therefore the decision must factor in colors and styles around the house.
  • Consider Kids & Pets: cords, paint, wand controls can be possible issues for children and pets. Modern advances for these issues may be a bit more expensive but could be worth it to rule out possible accidents.
  • Cleaning: Blinds and shades typically require little maintenance aside from the casual dusting or vacuuming on occasion. Ensure that the model you choose has the latest anti-static treatments to keep dust to a minimum.
  • Choosing a Pro: The measurements and installation are crucial to the overall appearance of your blinds. Hire a pro with good reviews that can ensure that the blinds are installed correctly.

Follow these tips to make your house a home and make your windows compliment the rest of your style.

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