Be Creative: 

You can host a movie night, dinner party, barbeque etc. Do not confine your entertaining to the cliché, but rather incorporate your style and personality in the way you choose to entertain your guests. Use your space in different ways, whether you have a lot of space, or small spaces- you can open up different sections of the house as long as you have seating. This will make the space feel more dynamic and casual.

Embrace the Casual: 

Sometimes when people think of gatherings or dinner parties, they assume that it will be formal. You can break this cliche by having an interactive buffet where guests make their own sushi, or have a curry night where everyone gets to sit on the floor and eat with a large bowl. This will increase the atmosphere of the party and make guests feel more comfortable.

Tidy Up! 

Make sure your apartment is spotless, and you put away items that you won’t be needing for the party. This will clear up more space for your guests and give you peace of mind that everything is put away and clean.

Set the Scene: 

Decorations for even a small get-together can make it a bit more special and exciting for guests. This can consist of a few balloons, tea lights, or some streamers. You can choose these in accordance with your home’s style, which will further accent your apartment. Furthermore, set mood lighting as well as background music that isn’t too soft nor too loud so your guests can still have good conversation.

Utilize space, be creative, move furniture but most importantly have a good time with those that are most important to you!