Tips to Organise the Kid’s Room

Toys and clutter may describe your children’s room. Follow these tips to create an organised space that is easy to clean for you and your children. Asking them to clean their room won’t seem like such a chore which will make your life easier.

  •  Accommodate for the little ones: Often closets, drawers, baskets and toy chests may be too big for the little ones to use when putting things away. Get down on the child’s level to understand how they see things and what it looks like. Take initiative to lower the rod in the closet, invest in children’s hangers, and use open top organisers that can be used for quick clean ups.
  • Organise and Observe with your Child: Bring them into the process to understand how they perceive the mess. Where do they usually place their toys? Perhaps this corner of the room is the best spot for the toy chest if that is where the toys end up anyway. Allow the child to give input because if they feel involved then this raises the chances of them taking initiative to keep it clean.
  • Labels, Clear Containers, Simplicity: The key to bringing clarity to the child’s room is to make it easy to sort and keep things organised. You can never overuse labels and clear containers. The more specific your labels are, the higher likelihood that they will get sorted. Often go through clothes and toys to get rid of old or never used things. This will ensure the room stays simple and clean.
  • Routines: Have daily clean-up routines throughout the day so the child can anticipate and does not get frustrated the process but it rather just becomes a part of their day. Making the process fun, or incorporating rewards at the end will help the child enjoy the process. This can reap many benefits and can instill in the child that cleaning is a fun thing to do!