It is safe to say that unpacking isn’t anyone’s favourite task after a long and tiring move. The move made be made easier if you follow these easy tips to ensure smoothness of the entire process:

While you are packing your boxes and bags, make sure that you are labeling everything and putting similar items in boxes together. This will simplify the process once you arrive.


  • Put stuff that you use everyday in easily accessible cupboards and drawers. Saving the farther and harder to reach cupboards for that fairy floss machine you use once a year!
  • Instead of stacking spice jars into a cabinet, lay them on their sides in a drawer near the stove, with their labels facing up.
  • Keep cooking utensils (spatulas, whisks and wooden spoons) within an arm’s reach of the stovetop.
  • Add a towel rack to your shopping list if there isn’t already a set of hooks on the back of the door.
  • More storage and shelves work best for bathrooms. If your bathroom has limited shelf space, invest in some decorative ones that compliment the bathroom color scheme.
Linen Closet
  • With a new house comes the opportunity to reorganise everything that became chaotic in your last home. By placing extra linens such as sheets and extra blankets in plastic boxes underneath your bed with labels, this will clear up more space in your closet for other necessary items to make your home easier to live in, these can include: light bulbs, torches, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, board games, wrapping paper.
  • Free up floor space by installing racks along the walls for everything you can hang from a hook.
  • Cluster frequently used items near the door and position seasonal items in the least accessible spots.
The key to unpacking your house and organsing things is taking your time. It is easy to want to rush through the process so that you can begin settling in, however by thinking through the placement of everything and leveraging your storage capacity will make your home more organised and therefore more relaxing!